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Boundless — Scorpio New Moon, November 2020

“A resourcefulness that knows no bounds.”  Scorpio 23 from Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale Scorpio, associated with the tarot card Death, is all about shedding. It’s about the dark night of the soul, plunging deeper and deeper into our own depths, and finding ourselves in some way surprised, excited, frightened, or in some other emotional … Continue reading Boundless — Scorpio New Moon, November 2020

Taurus Full Moon, 10/31/20

A creative title for this one, I know. I wanted to write an offering that I hoped would be "medicine" for those who read. I'm kind of, sort of, loosely referring to this spread throughout. This somewhat a reading, more so a check in, and it felt a bit medicinal for me to engage in … Continue reading Taurus Full Moon, 10/31/20

My year with the Tarot

Time flies, doesn't it? It's hard to wrap my head around how my practice with this tool has grown over the past year. After dabbling with tarot a few times with friends, I bought my first decks in May of 2019 and my learning snowballed from there. Two tarot journals, 5 tarot (+ 2 oracle) … Continue reading My year with the Tarot

Where have you left your tools?

Where have you left your tools? You know the ones that got you to where you are now. That built your foundation, however strong weathered, or cracked. The ones that construct your relationship to yourself, others, your projects, the things you love. Have you lost sight of those tools? Of all of the power you … Continue reading Where have you left your tools?

A Costar Generated Reflection

Do you trust me?  How often do we find ourselves asking that question of others but not asking the same of ourselves? Do you trust me? Maybe the more important question is do I trust me. For some of us, flipping that question around may not yield an easy or comfortable answer. I do trust me, … Continue reading A Costar Generated Reflection

Thinking, thinking, thinking…

I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’m going. I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’ve been. I sometimes take the time to think about where I am now, and when I do I think of how I’m being perceived, how I perceive, how I’m speaking, how I’m projecting, and so on. Thinking, thinking, … Continue reading Thinking, thinking, thinking…

“The magic of Tarot lies in you, not in cards.”

*Title quoted from Katia Beeden, found on instagram If you're a tarot reader and/or tarot enthusiast and at least one person within your close circle of friends or family has told you that tarot is a "demonic practice" raise your hand 🙋🏾‍♀️. Recently I received a note from someone close to me that went on … Continue reading “The magic of Tarot lies in you, not in cards.”

A Shift in Perspective

The Hanged Man is one of, if not my favorite, card of the Major Arcana. If I had to attribute the start of my tarot journey to one card in particular, it would be this one. It was not the first reading I had ever had done, but the one that sparked a deeper interest … Continue reading A Shift in Perspective