A Shift in Perspective

The Hanged Man is one of, if not my favorite, card of the Major Arcana. If I had to attribute the start of my tarot journey to one card in particular, it would be this one. It was not the first reading I had ever had done, but the one that sparked a deeper interest in the tarot and encouraged me to try it out on my own.

This was the spread that pushed me to trust my gut, shift my perspective, and try something new. Clearly, I was not in the greatest place of my life — as I was preparing for a break up that I knew needed to happen was reluctant to carry through. With the struggle and pain depicted in this spread, I was inclined to thing that the Hanged Man had a tale of despair to accompany him as well. I said to the reader, “Of course this one is upside down, too” and she gently said to me, “No, he’s in the exact position that he needs to be”.

She explained to me that the Hanged Man is a symbol of ultimate surrender. I was in a place where I read this as being stuck, forced into a position that he shouldn’t be in, and unable to escape in any way. I was unable to see the beauty in this. I was not in a place that I could recognize the power of his complete release. This began an evolution process in which I began to realize the ways that I grip tightly to the illusion of my control. In this particular situation, I was unable to let go of the constructs I had formed and the ideas I had of how my life at that time should be. I felt stuck, and I was aware of that, but I was blaming the factors around me for that situation rather than looking at the ways I was holding myself back. This called me to take a breath, turn my head to a new angle, and allow myself to truly soak in how I was being affected not only by my reality at the time but by myself.

As I think back to the beginning of my journey as a tarot reader to now, I have both consciously and subconsciously embodied this spirit. The tarot has helped me put words to thoughts that I’ve had for years and have felt unable to explain. This practice has allowed me to connect with, advise, and be advised by people and gentle souls that I would have never met otherwise. It has flipped my perspective upside down and asked me to surrender to the forces around and within me that are constantly at work in my day to day life. Surrender, release, and see the world with a new pair of eyes.

So as I open my journey further to include this website, I hope to carry this openness with me. While this is adding “more work” to my tarot plate in theory, my hope is that through sharing my thoughts in longer form and opening to a wider audience I can allow myself to pause, reflect, and meditate, to reconcile with the chaos that is constantly around all of us.

What are you releasing at this time? How are you being invited to find complete surrender?

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